Chester Elton: Are You All In?

On September 25, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium was full of laughs and positive energy due to the encouraging and inspirational speech by Chester Elton, author of the New York Times Best-Selling book, All In. The event was presented by the Young Professionals of Greater Lowell, House of Hope, and other great organizations of the city of Lowell. With a pleasant appearance and obvious charisma, Chester Elton introduced himself as a husband and father of four children, followed by a brief introductory story about his last visit to one of one of the Hard Rock Cafe restaurants. The restaurant chain is known for its memorabilia, music and all things rock and roll. But that enthusiasm and passion even carries into the kitchen, said Elton.

“Hard Rock Café believes that there is a little bit of rock stars in everybody,” said the author of The Carrot Principle after telling the story of one of the Café’s employees who proudly and happily works as a dishwasher. Elton showed a video of the enthusiastic worker who was dancing and singing while cleaning the dishes.

“If the (Hard Rock Café’s) dishwasher gets it, everybody gets it,” Elton said, encouraging the audience to develop a belief that must never be lost.

“Leaders help people to believe,” the author said. He advised that leaders must have discipline as well as “fall in love” with their job.

“If I walk into a room and (I noticed that) I’m the smartest one, I am in the wrong room,” Elton said.

Elton taught his audience how to apply the three E’s into their life and workplace: employers and leaders need to be “Engaged, Enabled at work, and Energized,” because, “Everybody deserve a great place to work.”

“Who will you inspire today,” Elton said as he ticked off a list of thoughtful questions. “What motives me?” he continued to ask. He gave away goodies and some copies of his book, All In, every time someone in the audience responded to his questions about leadership and entrepreneurship.

“Put your passions to work,” advised the author. “Praise efforts, and reward results.” Through the whole one-hour speech, Elton kept his charisma as well as his audience’s smiles intact.

Chester Elton is co-author of numerous prosperous leadership books and is an “In-demand speaker the world over,” according to his website. His books have been translated into over 20 languages and have sold more than a million copies worldwide.

“You are the owner of your culture… Be good to everybody,” Elton concluded.


Paul H Sullivan Leadership Institute: My Goals and Skills

I remember the first day I walked into class at Middlesex Community College. It was a mix of excitement and scariness, and at the same time I was feeling lost. The square room was becoming so big while I was feeling so small. I did not consider myself a shy person… Yet, I was afraid of expressing my feelings and concerns out loud due to my basic English knowledge. Nevertheless, through the caring English Language professor, I learned that at MCC it’s not about how little you speak or know about the English language, what really matters is our optimism and willingness to learn in order to reach our goals and teach others what we learn here at college. As the semesters went by, I gained more self-confidence; that’s when I decided to apply to the Paul Sullivan Leadership Institute at MCC.

Since the first training and the orientation day, I knew that I would fall in love with the Leadership Institution like I did with Middlesex. As a mother, this institution provides me with the skills that I’ve being practicing with my children and modeling as I continue learning from its events and meetings: Have respect for myself and others, be responsible, have fun and enjoy while learning. As a student, the PSLI has been opening doors to my future. And I am becoming more friendly, open-minded, and less afraid of speaking in public.

For example, when I was showing my support to the welcoming community of Bedford on Town Day, I felt that my social skills were improving… walking in the middle of the street, giving away candies to the lovely children, and feeling as happy as the community. Those are the little moments that have a great impact on life. I was not afraid to talk and greet the community. I was not feeling nervous at all.

I had the same experience at the Young Professionals of Greater Lowell conference. Chester Elton, the author of All In, awakened a new “skill” in me: Praise good work, and as he said, “Inspire others so they could fall in love with their job.”

Feeling the need to get out of  my chair and start working, at my first meeting as co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Network at MCC, I brought little boxes of chocolates and, in the name of the whole group, I gave them to all our members in order to welcome them to “Our Family.” Their “Awww” and “Thank you” made me feel as received as I think they did.

On the other hand, like any human being, I also have my weaknesses. I can feel mind-blocked when trying to translate from Spanish to English. There’s so much more that I want to say, and sometimes I don’t have the correct translation to express it. Although I know that this might not be considered as a weakness, when you combine it with insecurity, leads you right there. In addition, I can be very emotional; even when I laugh hard some tears of mine don’t hesitate; they slide down without mercy. On a bad day, it’s worse, especially if a person talks to me with a temper. Yet, I keep learning how to control these emotions.

I have as many short-term goals as long ones. One of my short ones is to be able to learn something new each day and then teach it to my children and/or friends, family, co-workers and so forth. My biggest goal is to build a shelter for single moms. As I spent 11 months living in one and still struggling with “The System,” I know the struggles of many of the women living there. It is not easy. Thus, as part of my daily goals, I am changing “I want” to “I will.” I will build a place where those single hard-working moms can learn how to be extraordinary women and leaders –just like the Paul Sullivan Institute is doing with me- and for them to become the person they have always dreamed of.

I truly know that the Paul H Sullivan Leadership Institute (along with our director Mary-Jo Griffin and the rest of the team) has been one of my best education experiences yet. With just those few events and meetings, I am feeling more awake and self-conscious, secure, inspired and dedicated. I cannot wait for the next steps of my path in this institution; it feels extremely good. I cannot thank God more for all of these changes in my life.

I can’t wait for our next big event, where I will have the pleasure to meet the Greater Lowell philanthropists, Linda and John Chemaly, a great inspirational hardworking couple.

Middlesex Community College and The Paul H. Sullivan Leadership Institute Present on the Bedford’s Town Day Parade

BEDFORD, MA– On September 20th, representing Middlesex Community College, the Paul Sullivan Institute fellows were reunited along with the community in order to celebrate and support Bedford’s Town Day, held in honor of its 1729 incorporation.


According to the League of Women Voters of Bedford’s town’s guide: A Citizen’s Guide to Bedford: An introduction to the government, services and resources, “In 1970, Bedford became a college town with the establishment of Middlesex Community College within its borders,” they also state that the town celebrates its incorporation by doing a traditional parade which included a one-hour parade and a full-day food fair.


The parade took place by 11:00am. In a form of a big square box, the emblematic Middlesex Community College logo was carried by a pickup truck full of international flags which represented most of the different cultures within the college students. The charismatic and friendly Paul H. Sullivan’s crew were walking and giving away candies to the children of the community.


The parade itself ended around 1:00pm. It was a fun family-friendly day where even dogs had a blast. Children of all age, parents, uncles, grandparents and friends of the lovely town were content and enjoyed to the fullest the great sunny-day of the Bedford’s Town Day.